Mustprofit offer Indices pack  includes research recommendations in all significant index, for example, GER30, DJ30, NASDAQ100, DAX and S&P500  .This  signals based on Technical analysis. 

Our fundamental bundle is best for those traders who are trading with the nominal investment and the individuals who are new to trading platform.we offer help and signals with little targets, great returns, and least danger in our essential administrations. By Subscribing to our INDEX essential bundle you will get following highlights including large portfolio for trading sum and searching for their portfolio.


Investment Required

  • USD 2,000 and above


Services Features

  • There will be daily 1-2 Signals.
  • The Risk and Reward Ratio is 1:1
  • We will provide support on every signal throughout the day.
  • Daily and Weekly track record.
  • Daily and weekly research reports via different platforms like E-mail or Telegram or Whatsapp.

Details of Services

  • 1-2 recommendations per day.
  • Strategy will be Breakout- BUY ABOVE 16534.12 & SELL BELOW 16404.88
  • Positions open at a time will be 2, so that risk can be managed
  • Regular follow ups
  • All Important News and Economic Data like FED Minutes, ECB Monetary Policy, Foreign Currency Reserves
  • World Market updates
  • Monthly News Letter

Trading Rules

  • Trade in each recommendation with Fixed Lots, don’t keep varying lots very frequently for a single instrument.
  • Follow the recommendations as you receive.
  • Stop Loss is integral part of risk management. Please follow
  • Stop loss in each and every trade and exit when price touches stop loss.
  • Don’t forget your rules.

Mode Of Recommendations

  • Recommendations are available through Text SMS & Telegram

Template of Recommendation

  • BUY 0.5 LOT NQ100 ABOVE 16534.12 WITH THE SL OF 16404.88 TP 16665.22

Follow Ups

  • NQ100 does our target of 16665.22, hope you have booked full profit in it. 


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